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About Me.

With nearly 20 years of experience, I've crafted and maintained brands across diverse industries, from healthcare to retail. Beginning as a Graphic Designer and Art Director, I honed my skills in print and digital communications, always placing the user at the forefront. Transitioning into User Experience roles, I embraced a user-centered approach, elevating the value for clients and end-users alike.

In small design groups, I pioneered processes that optimized business needs while prioritizing user advocacy, serving as a force-multiplier for success. Now, I'm eager to return to my roots in visual creativity, leveraging my extensive experience to drive impactful design solutions.

I'm passionate about problem-solving through creativity and am currently expanding my skill set by delving into front-end development, aiming to bridge the gap between design and implementation seamlessly.

I'm seeking a role on a team where I can apply my diverse skill set and continue to grow creatively, making meaningful contributions to visual design projects.

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